Doorstop Fabric NZ Hemmingbird Candy Stripe

Doorstop Candy Stripe

Pyramidal fabric doorstop featuring colourful stripes on the front face and an aqua coordinate on the other faces.

Zipper closure, holding 1.25kg of rice filling within a bag, which may be removed for cleaning of the fabric case, refilling of rice or for transportation purposes.

Fabric is stiffened and all seams double stitched and overlocked for increased sturdiness.

Dimensions:- 13cm width and depth, 27cm height to top of handle.


Heavier doorstops available on request. 

  • Washing Instructions

    Remove rice from bag into a container. Remove bag from doorstop cover.

    Hand or machine wash warm or cold.

    Line dry.

    Replace bag into cover and fill with rice in batches, pushing filling into bottom corners of cover as you go. Secure filling in bag. Ensure bag is clear of the zip and tucked up into top of cover. Massage filling into shape as you gradually ease zip closed.