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Cover is removable and reusable and comes with a hard-covered lined 2B5 journal. Includes a ribbon page marker. May be gently hand washed and

line dried then finished with a hot iron.

$30 each.

Prancing horse applique on a mauve background with a cornflower blue gingham coordinate.
Lovely llamas
Llama applique on a sky blue background with a multi coloured geometric coordinate.
Lovely llamas reverse
Deer scene applique on a white background with a colourful geometric coordinate.
Rosy deer
Traditional rose fabric deer applique on a maroon background with a blush pink floral coordinate.
Dusky blue deer
Dusky blue fabric deer applique on a neutral background with a dark blue coordinate.
Papparazzi pups
French bulldog
Papparazzi pups back cover
Multiple papparazzi pups images.
HP glasses and scar
Glasses and scar image appliqued on a light grey background.
HP glasses and scar back cover
HP character fabric.
HP Slytherin
Slytherin house emblem on a black background.
HP Slytherin back cover
Hogwarts emblems on a grey base.
Flower skull
Flower skull back cover
Damask skull and cross bone fabric.
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